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Aiming to Become the Leading Provider
of Comfort for All Living Spaces

Our Responsibilities as a Member of the International Community

Toward a Sustainable Society

The “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” was adopted at the United Nations summit in September 2015. This agenda states a set of common goals applicable to all members of the United Nations, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs comprise 17 international goals to be worked on from 2016 to 2030, including access to reliable energy; sustainable economic growth and decent work for all; sustainable supply of energy; promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation; and combat climate change. The Japanese government has also started to work on achieving SDGs at the national level, such as establishing in May 2016 the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Promotion Headquarters headed by the prime minister.
The RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP will look to these movements as a reference and continue as it has done to strengthen initiatives for a sustainable society in order to fulfil our responsibilities as a member of the international community.

Together with All Our Stakeholders

To maintain a rewarding and affluent society into the future, the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP has up till now been moving forward together with all our stakeholders—such as customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, and people from the local communities—to work on solving issues faced by society.
Through various forms of involvement, the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP has reached its present-day existence and growth while building trusting relationships with all stakeholders. Moving ahead, there will not be any change to this stance. This CSR report will provide details on our involvement with all our stakeholders supporting the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP. Please take time to look through the report.


Three-year Mid-term Business Plan

The RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP started its new three-year mid-term business plan in April 2016.
Based on our management policy “ACT NOW! ACT TOGETHER! 2018—Aiming to Become a Leading Company that Provides Comfort for All Living Spaces,” we will work to tackle five major tasks.
In addition, we will strengthen our initiatives in priority market segments such as the automotive market and medical and healthcare market. To achieve these goals stated in our three-year mid-term business plan, the most important thing is “people.”
We have made “ACT NOW! ACT TOGETHER!” our management policy as we wish to heighten the individual capabilities of our employees while maximizing teamwork in our tasks.
This is the same even outside the company. We will work on building even more robust partnerships with every stakeholder and solving issues with speed.

Featured Article

The RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP provides technology to the world as we aim to become a leading company that provides comfort for all living spaces. The featured article in this Sustainability Report introduces these technologies along with examples of their use. The RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP’s technologies are utilized in many objects that we interact with every day without realizing. Through the voices of our employees, we hope to show you some of the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP’s many technologies.

We plan to keep moving forward together with our stakeholders for the realization of a sustainable society. I hope you will continue to give us your support in the future.

Kazuaki Tokiwa
Representative Director,
President & COO