About Us

Directors & Officers


Representative Director
Chairman & CEO
Hiroshi Shimizu
Representative Director
President & COO
Kazuaki Tokiwa
Representative Director
Senior Managing Executive Officer
Masamitsu Sumiyoshi General Manager of Sales & Marketing Division
Managing Executive Officer
Junji Irie General Manager of Administrative Division
Senior Executive Officer
Gakuyuki Kajiyama General Manager of Corporate Planning Division
Full-time Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
Yoshitaka Okochi
Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
Hiroshi Nemoto *1
Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
Takayuki Hayakawa *1
Audit & Supervisory Committee Member
Shigeharu Nakamura *1

Executive Officers

Senior Executive Officer Hirofumi Otani General Manager of Technical Division & IT & Electronics Business Unit
Senior Executive Officer Michihisa Tasaka General Manager of Quality Assurance Division
Senior Executive Officer Takashi Shimada Managing Director,RIKEN AMERICAS CORPORATION
Executive Officer Shunichi Ueyama Factory Manager of Mie Factory
Executive Officer Hitoshi Sugino Deputy General Manager of Technical Division & General Manager R&D Center
Executive Officer Takeshi Sugie General Manager of Procurement Division
Executive Officer Masashi Tosaka General Manager of Film Planning & Coordination Department & Construction Products Materials Business Unit
Executive Officer Toshiyuki Sato Managing Director,PT.RIKEN INDONESIA
Executive Officer Hirohito Koshimizu General Manager of Manufacturing Division

*1 Indicates an outside director as provided for in Article 2-15 of the Companies Act.
Designated for Independent Director as specified by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan.