Privacy Policy

Based on our understanding of the importance of safeguarding personal information, RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION (“RIKEN TECHNOS” hereinafter) complies with all laws and regulations governing personal information and seeks to safeguard personal information based on the following principles:
Acquiring Personal Information
When acquiring personal information (in the sense of personal information as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information; this definition to apply hereinafter), RIKEN TECHNOS will proceed in accordance with the following purposes:
  • To respond to inquiries and requests for information materials
  • To provide products, services, and related information concerning RIKEN TECHNOS and our domestic and overseas affiliates
  • To undertake employment selection procedures for job applicants and paperwork and administrative procedures associated with such selection
  • To exercise rights and to fulfill obligations under laws, regulations, and contracts; to implement activities related to RIKEN TECHNOS and our businesses
Use of Personal Information
RIKEN TECHNOS uses the personal information within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes of use and to the extent necessary to implement business activities.
Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
RIKEN TECHNOS will neither disclose nor provide to third parties any personal information submitted to us, except in the following cases:
  • When disclosing personal information with the consent of the individual submitting the personal information
  • When disclosing personal information as required by laws and regulations
In addition to the above cases, RIKEN TECHNOS may disclose personal information to our domestic and overseas affiliates, their agencies, and business partners to ensure appropriate response to inquiries or for other purposes within the scope of the purposes of use indicated previously. Such response may be provided by a RIKEN TECHNOS affiliate.
Control of Personal Information
RIKEN TECHNOS will take the steps required to maintain the accuracy of the personal information and to appropriately control the personal information.
RIKEN TECHNOS will take all due information security measures to prevent the loss or leakage of personal information.
Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuance of Use, and Erasure of Personal Information
RIKEN TECHNOS acknowledges the rights of the original owner of the personal information to request the disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use, or erasure of his/her own personal information. RIKEN TECHNOS will seek to promptly respond to any such request.
Organization and System
RIKEN TECHNOS will appoint a personal information protection manager and implement appropriate control of personal information.
RIKEN TECHNOS provides training for both directors and employees on safeguarding and maintaining appropriate control of personal information.
Point of Contact
2-101, Kanda-Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION, Human Resources Department
TEL: (+81)3-5297-1650

(As of July 1, 2023)