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Outline and Business Field

Corporate Profile

Date of Establishment March 30, 1951
Capital Stock JPY 8,514 million
Representative Kazuaki Tokiwa
Representative Director , President & COO
Number of Employees 1,939 consolidated employees and
738 non-consolidated employees separately (As of September 30,2019)
Head Office Waterras Tower, 2-101, Kanda-Awajicho,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8336 JAPAN

Business Field

RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION was established as “RIKEN VINYL INDUSTORY CO., LTD.” (former company name) in 1951 to produce and sell the Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) compound.
The company name was changed to “RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION” (a melding of the words “RIKEN,” “TECHNOLOGY” and “SUPPLIER”) in 2001, the 50th anniversary of company founding.
RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION operates business in Japan and internationally based on comprehensive plastics processing technology, which has been developed since the beginning with three core business: Compound, Film, and Food Wrapping Film.
RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION, as a “challenger that harnesses the power of science” based on the new corporate philosophy introduced as “RIKEN TECHNOS WAY,” produces high quality products and technologies to meet the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our customers and of society.

Compound Business

  • Compound Business
  • We produce compounds using our leading innovative technology. Our compounds are used in every situation in daily life.

Compounds consist of mixtures of base resin and several different additives that produce new properties. Such compounds are mainly used in extrusion and injection molding. RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION produces various types of compounds, such as general-purpose compounds (e.g., polyvinyl chloride resin), thermoplastic elastomers with rubber-like properties, and high-function compounds represented by engineering plastics that have various properties, Such as flameresistance, electro-conductivity, or low-friction siding, as well as biomass compounds—which are gathering attention as environmentally friendly materials. These compounds can be used in various fields such as automobiles, industrial components, home appliances, toys, medical supplies, building materials, and construction materials, as well as in IT industries, which are showing impressive progress. These compounds are ideally suited to a growing number of sophisticated and diversified consumer needs.

Major Products

  • Flexible PVC Compounds
  • Rigid PVC Compounds
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds
  • Electro-conductive and Anti-static Compounds
  • Biomass Plastic Compounds
  • General Purpose Plastic Compounds, etc.

Film Business

  • フイルム事業
  • Our films, featuring high functionality and sophisticated design achieved by superior manufacturing technologies, are familiar to everyone and ideal for a variety of purposes.

For many years, our films have received high product quality ratings thanks to their excellent thickness accuracy, sophisticated design, and easy processability, all resulting from our efforts to produce highly functional and high-quality products. We have incorporated state-of-the-art equipment for use at every phase of calendar (rolling) _Im forming, extrusion _Im forming, laminating, and coating with various types of films in order to guarantee their high product functionality. When it comes to the coating processes for window films—including heat shielding and UV protection films—and electronic materials that need to be processed under clean environments, we have incorporated equipment suitable for highly precise film coating processes; this type of precision is necessary in the manufacturing of materials used in electronics such as optical films for LEDs and touch panels that require high cleanliness. We have also focused on the protection of the environment including recycling to meet current needs. We developed environment-friendly films such as olefinic films and the polyester type films RIVESTAR® ahead of our competitors. These films are widely used and gathering attention from many industries.

Major Products

  • Building and Decorative Films
  • Commercial and advertisement films
  • Steel Plate Films
  • Films for Electrical Materials
  • Window Film
  • Film for Optics and semiconductors
  • Car Film
  • Film for medical supplies
  • Film for Agriculture, etc.

Food Wrapping Film Business

  • 食品包材事業
  • RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION manufactured the first food wrapping film in Japan made from polyvinyl chloride resin. We aim to be a leading food wrap company in Asia.

RIKEN FABRO, which was established by consolidating the RIKEN TECHNOS's food wrapping film business with Mitsui Chemicals Fabro, is a pioneer when it comes to food wraps made from polyvinyl chloride resin. This is a high-quality wrap with excellent transparency and elasticity. At the RIKEN TECHNOs group, we don't limit ourselves to PVC resin, but also manufacture other wrap products from different kinds of materials, such as environmentally friendly polyolefin resin wraps and wraps with high heat resistance, to suit various customer needs. For both consumer and commercial uses, we are continually working to improve quality and functionality, and devote ourselves to the development and manufacture of better products. We continue to deliver wraps which maintain the freshness of foods, and customers can be confident in our products' safety. By consolidating RIKEN TECHNOS' food wrapping film business within this company, RIKEN FABRO has flagship PVC wrap brands, RIKEN WRAP® and HI-WRAP®, and aims to contribute to society as a leading company in the marketplace.brands, RIKEN WRAP® and HI-WRAP®, and aims to contribute to society as a leading company in the marketplace.

Major Products

  • Hi-WRAP®
  • Blue Wrap OCEAN
  • Riken’s FORWRAP®
  • TSUTSUMU heat-resistant cooking sheet
  • Versatile Plastic Bags
  • Cooking Paper
  • Cooking Gloves, etc.