Environmental Policy

For all our business activities, we take into consideration the effects on the environment. To protect the environment and realize a sustainable community, RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION established an environmental management system, and all members of RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION work to implement the following principles.

  • Through all business activities, RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION improves the environmental management levels and the prevention of the environmental pollution by not only observing all environmental regulations and mutual agreements but also setting our own rules and regulations voluntarily.
  • RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION supplies the market with various plastics those are given priority on environment such as energy-saving, resource-saving, recycling, and low-influence to the ecological system.
  • RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION reduces the influence against the global-environmental and the ecological system by eliminating wastefulness. We reduce the industrial waste by effective use of materials. We reduce CO2 discharge by effort of saving energy.
  • RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION continues the activity approaching the protection of the environment by establishing documents including Environmental Statement and the Environmental Policy, and educating employees.
  • RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION sets the concrete objectives and numerical targets of which progress are self-assessed and managed properly to ensure the achievement of the Environmental Policy.
  • RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION expands the above-mentioned activities to the activities of the relative companies to ensure the utmost consideration to the protection of the environment and the ecological system and the safety operation at the each site.
  • RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION aims to obtain confidence and understanding from society through appropriate and accurate information disclosure.

Certification of ISO 14001

All of our Company’s divisions have obtained this certification and are striving to establish our company as an enterprise in which all stakeholders can place their confidence by operating with an environmentally conscientious approach, and by working to contribute towards building a prosperous society.

  • Certification NO. NQE-10030063A
  • First registration: October 31, 2001
  • Keep Obtaining

Request for Environmental Cooperation

RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION is certified with an ISO 14001 international environment management system, sets policies to protect our planet’s environment, and is expanding environmental protection policies throughout the corporation.
We request that all new business partners fully understand our environmental policy and the ideas behind it, and cooperate as much as possible in environmental protection activities. Before starting business with us, we also request that you fill in the required sections of our Survey for New Business Partner and Environmental Policies as part of our implementation of ISO 14001.



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Depending on product application, the use some substances may be prohibited or regulated. In such cases, our R&D Center or Environmental Safety & Quality Management Office will contact you in order to request that you fill out Information sheet of the Chemical substance in accordance with the Riken Technos Group Green Procurement Standard.