The RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP aims to conduct business together with all
our stakeholders in a way that will help achieve a sustainable society.


RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP Sustainability Policy

-For the creation of a sustainable society-

RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION and its subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP”) shall practice our management philosophy, the RIKEN TECHNOS WAY and serve as an engine toward the creation of a sustainable society considering the responses to global environmental and social issues as one of important management challenges. To that end, the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP shall fulfill their social responsibilities in accordance with the following ten principles.

  • (Social Mission)

    With an eye on social and environmental issues, develop and provide safe and secure products through innovation.

  • (Involvement in Environmental Issues)

    Recognize that a positive involvement in environmental issues, including climate change, is an essential part of our activities and our very existence as a corporation, and engage in activities independently and proactively in consideration of the environment.

  • (Relationship of Trust with Customers)

    Earn the satisfaction and confidence of customers through the provision of appropriate information on goods and products and sincere communication.

  • (Contribution to Society)

    Contribute to the development of society and communities through business operations and social contribution activities rooted therein.

  • (Observance of Laws and Regulations, and Respect for International Norms)

    Observe laws and regulations of each nation and region, respect the various international norms in place, and manage activities with due consideration of their culture and customs.

  • (Fair Activities)

    Promote fair and free competition, sound trade, and responsible procurement. Ensure relationships and contacts of a sound nature with government agencies and political bodies, preventing bribery and corruption.

  • (Respect for Human Rights)

    Respect the human rights of all people when engaging in activities.

  • (Respect for Diversity, Human Resource Development, and Improvement of Internal Environment)

    Respect the diversity of each and every employee and develop human resources to enable them to perform the best of their potential. Develop a safe and healthy internal environment where all employees can work comfortably.

  • (Fair Disclosure of Information and Constructive Dialogue with Stakeholders)

    Disclose corporate information in an active, efficient, and fair manner, engage in constructive dialogue with wide-ranging stakeholders surrounding a corporation, and strive to increase corporate value.

  • (Thorough Risk Management)

    Achieve GROUP-wide risk management to prepare appropriate responses to natural disasters, cyber-attacks, anti-social activities, terrorist acts, and other threats to civil life and corporate activities.

<<Role and Responsibility of Management>>

Management shall execute business acknowledging that their role is to put the spirit of this document into practice, develop effective governance, and strive to raise awareness within the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP. In addition, management shall urge the entities constituting the supply chain to take actions in accordance with the principles herein. Furthermore, in the case of incidents contrary to the principles that degrade society’s confidence in the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP, management shall fulfill its responsibilities by taking the initiative in settling the issues, conducting investigations to determine the causes, and taking preventive and other necessary measures.

The Code of Conduct and the Sustainability Policy of RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP are uniform in their contents as they aim to achieve a sustainable society.

  • Top Message

    The RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP will look to these movements as a reference and continue as it has done to strengthen initiatives for a sustainable society in order to fulfil our responsibilities as a member of the international community.

    Representative Director President & CEOKazuaki Tokiwa

  • Environmental Policy

    For all our business activities, we take into consideration the effects on the environment. To protect the environment and realize a sustainable community, RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION established an environmental management system.

  • Management of Chemical Substances

    Each perform proper management of environment-related chemical substances in every step of the manufacturing process from product development to waste disposal in order to lessen the burden on the environment.

  • Quality

    RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION introduced the mechanism of ISO9001 over the entire group by a cross-sectional method to satisfy customers.

  • Safety and Health Activity

    Based on respect for people, RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION considers occupational health and safety to be one of the most important foundations in business operations, and strives to maintain and improve a healthy and safe working environment.

  • Corporate Governance

    We seek to bolster the supervisory role of the Board of Directors and to promote transparency and fairness in our operations.

  • Supporting the Next Generation

    To support the next generation, RIKEN TECHNOS has been producing a TV program called “YUME Lab” (“Dream Laboratory”) since April 2015. The students featured in the program are all full of energy and have high ambitions.

  • SDGsActions Toward SDGs

    The RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP will contribute to the creation of a su stainable society. We will also strengthen our efforts towards the SDGs, which are universal goals in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted at a United Nations Summit.