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Management Policy

Mid-Term Business Plan (FY2020/3 to FY2022/3)

「More Value to All 2021」

1. Management Policy

More Value to All 2021: Generating Greater Value Together!
Aiming to become the leading provider of comfort for all living spaces

2. Numerical Targets

Consolidated Net Sales: 115 billion yen
Consolidated Operating Income: 8.5 billion yen

3. Management Targets

Targets for FY2022 (final fiscal year)

ROS (Return on sales): 7%
ROE (Return on equity): 8%

4. Main topics of the New Three-year Mid-term Business Plan

  • Intensifying Global Management and Generating Synergies
  • Improving the Capacity to Generate Revenues and Profits through Strategic Thinking
  • Realizing a Production Structure that Reflects the Thorough Pursuit of Efficiency
  • Contributing to Sustainable Societies
  • Strengthening Corporate Foundations through Management Emphasizing Human Resource Development and Governance

5. Business Strategies

We will continue to accelerate our global business development efforts, dividing markets into the following four segments:

  • Transportation
    In order to establish the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP as a formidable player in the Asian and North American markets, we will expand our commercial supremacy in interior and exterior parts for automobiles and supply new products globally.
  • Daily Life and Healthcare
    We will enhance our lineup of high-value-added products in the fields of medicine and healthcare and in materials for daily life. We will also tackle the challenges posed by new fields by drawing on the strengths associated with our unique and attentive services.
  • Electronics
    In the wires and cables field, we will contribute to the safe transmission of energy and the IT infrastructure to support comfortable lives. In the optical field, we will seek to develop one-of-a-kind products to map paths to a new future.
  • Buildings and Construction
    In construction and interior materials, we will aim to deliver materials for beautiful spaces that are both functional and eco-friendly
    In Japan, our regional strategies call for strengthening the manufacturing infrastructure to prepare for global deployment. In ASEAN, we will harness the facilities in which we have invested to strengthen profits in growing markets. In China, in response to booming domestic demand, we will strive to boost sales, particularly to the automotive market. In North America, we will focus on the automotive market.

6. Capital Investments under the New Three-year Mid-term Business Plan

Total 14.5 billion yen over the three years of the plan