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Management Policy

Mid-Term Business Plan (FY2017/3 to FY2019/3)


1. Management Policy

Aiming to become the leading provider of comfort for all living spaces

2. Numerical Targets

Targets for FY2018 (final fiscal year)

Consolidated Net Sales: 110 billion yen
Consolidated Operating Income: 8 billion yen
Consolidated Ordinary Income: 8 billion yen
Consolidated Net Income: 4.5 billion yen

3. Management Targets

Targets for FY2018 (final fiscal year)

ROS (Return on sales): 7%
ROA (Return on assets): 10%
ROE (Return on equity): 8%

4. The new three-year mid-term business plan identifies five major tasks that we must tackle.

  • Deepen Global Management of All Businesses
    Now that 29 years have passed since RIKEN TECHNOS established its first overseas business, it is time for us to go beyond the stage of concentrating on individual management of each location and deepen our global management.
  • Strengthen Profitability and Financial Structure
    We made a variety of investments in Japan and elsewhere during the previous three-year mid-term business plan. We will strive to generate concrete returns from these investments, while strengthening the financial structure that supports all of our businesses.
  • Create an Innovative Production System
    In order to further advance the original and superior formulations and manufacturing technologies that represent RIKEN TECHNOS’ core technologies, we will create an innovative production structure.
  • Establish Business in the Optics Field
    Using the REPTY® DC film glass substitute as a beachhead, we will aim to create products for the future.
  • Strengthen the Corporate Foundation through Strategic Human Resource Development
    Because we believe that company growth comes only from people growth, we will strive to nurture a vigorous corporate culture and achieve an active self-nomination job posting system for managerial positions.

5. Priority Market Segments

  • Automotive
    Variety of Functional Materials that Help Reduce Vehicle Weight
    In order to establish the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP as a formidable player in the Asian and North American markets, we will expand our commercial supremacy in interior and exterior parts for automobiles and supply new products globally.
    We will also build a foothold for winning customers not affiliated with Japanese companies.
  • Medical and Healthcare
    Lessening the Burden on Medical Personnel and Supporting People’s Lives
    We plan to stand out in the Asian market by collaborating with the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP global sites. We will also develop new markets for various products, such as vials, prefilled syringe gaskets, and films for medical applications.
  • Optics and Displays
    Aiming to Create Products for the Future by Leveraging Our Latest Technologies
    Using the REPTY® DC film, glass substitute as a beachhead, we will aim to create products for the future and create a model case for new business success.
  • Food Wrapping Materials
    Food Wrapping Ensures Security and Safety
    Because of its various characteristics in addition to safety (stretchability, transparency, gloss, adhesion, etc.), our PVC wrap has been very popular with customers and is the most frequently used wrap in supermarkets and restaurants. We plan to expand this business, primarily by promoting our PVC film for food-wrapping applications.
  • Regional Strategy
    • Asia
      Positioning Asia as the most important market, we will strengthen inter-site collaboration within the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP, expand sales areas and develop new markets.
    • North America
      We will strive to expand our share of the commodity market. We will also aim to enter the Central and South American markets full scale.
    • We are studying the possibility of entering new regions and markets.

6. Capital Investment for the Next Three Years

Total 16 billion yen
* Including maintenance