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Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation for all the support we have received from everyone up until this point. My name is Kazuaki Tokiwa and I have been appointed the Representative Director and President of Riken Technos as of April 1st, 2016. I would like to take this opportunity to share some words with everyone.

We were established from RIKEN, Institute of Physical and Chemical Research under the name RIKEN VINYL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. in 1951. We were a venture capital with only a small amount of funding which relied on our people and technology to provide products focusing on polyvinyl chloride. We place importance on the challenging spirit, new product development process and creativity from our early days which kept with us even after we changed our name to RIKEN TECHNOS in 2001. We established the RIKEN TECHNOS WAY which clearly stipulates the foundation of our strong spirit in 2011 to commemorate our 60th anniversary. This idea has been engrained in the hearts of the employees of the RIKEN TECHNOS GROUP eight years after its completion. Now it is time to re-engrain this spirit of the RIKEN TECHNOS WAY and complete our duties in order to make further progress in the future.

Furthermore the new 3-year mid-term management plan has started in April 2019. This plan aims to create a top tier company which offers comfort in any environment and provides solutions for all kinds of problems based on the management policy of “More Value to All 2021”. We will resolutely take on this challenge with our eyes fixed on our goals while reverting back to production fundamentals.

I look forward to working with everyone and I hope for your support.

Riken Technos Corporation
Representative Director
President & COO