Social Media Policy

Article 1
This operation policy has been established for the official social media (Instagram) account opened and operated by Riken Technos (hereinafter, the "Company") to achieve better communication with users. Please read this operation policy before using the official account.
Article 2
When the official account is used, should information falling under any of the following be posted, such posts may be hidden, deleted, or rejected in whole or in part without prior notice to users.
  • Information that violates or is likely to violate laws and regulations
  • Information that slanders specific individuals or organizations
  • Information used for political or religious activities
  • Information that infringes or is likely to infringe on copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights of the Company or a third party
  • Information used for advertising, promotion, solicitation or sales activities, or for other commercial purposes
  • Information that discriminates or encourages discrimination against others based on race, ideology, creed, etc.
  • Information that is contrary to public order or good morals
  • Information posted by a party pretending to be the Company or a third party
  • Other information that the Company deems inappropriate
Article 3
In principle, we will not reply to comments after March 2020.
If you wish to express an opinion or find out more about the Company, please contact us after confirming the contact information on our website.
Article 4
Upon acquisition of personal information, the Company will appropriately manage such personal information in accordance with the Company's Privacy Policy.
Article 5
Although the utmost care is taken in posting information, the accuracy, integrity, usefulness, etc. of the information is not guaranteed.
The Company shall not be liable for any damage or potential damage caused to users due to the use of information provided through the official account.
Article 6
This operation policy is subject to change without prior notice to users.