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    Complex material compounds consist of a mixture of base resin and several different additives that produce new properties. RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION offers various compounds, such as polyvinyl chloride resin, thermoplastic elastomers, and high-function compounds with flame-resistant or electro-conductive properties, as well as biomass plastic compounds, which are gathering attention as environmentally friendly materials.

  • FILM

    RIKEN TECHNOS films are widely used in a variety of fields such as building materials, furniture, automobiles, trains, optical materials, and electronic materials. Our products receive high praise from many industries due to their high functionality and high quality, as well as their sophisticated design.


    Food wrap is essential for the consumption of food. As a pioneer in Japan of food wrap made from polyvinyl chloride resin, RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION continues to innovate and produce environmentally friendly and high-quality food wrap with excellent transparency, adhesiveness, and elasticity, in order to provide hygiene safety in daily life.


A high-quality and high-performance window film series based on RIKEN TECHNOS' original technologies.