Our Technologies

we have the technology to meet
all kinds of customer needs.

Material Design Technology

We design your products for both safety and optimal performance to suit your request.

We produce custom-designed compound and film products according to each client’s needs. Our various product formulations are based on our extensive knowledge and experience in the materials industry. We develop different forms of food packaging that meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of each client, as well as cling film products for various packaging methods.



Compounding Technology

Through morphology control and reaction of reforming technologies with multiple materials, we are developing new composites that meet customer needs, and expanding our range of highly-functional materials. To improve processing suitability on the client side, we provide compounds in an optimal blending condition. Also, using the technology built up through our many years in business, we can supply fabrication condition recommendations and help remedy customer problems related to molding defects.
These manufacturing and processing technologies are available at all our manufacturing centers worldwide.

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  • 01.Material input

    Materials are added in order according to the formulation requested by the client.

  • 02.Compounding with an agitator

    Employing our company’s expertise, the input materials are combined in an agitator while ensuring consistency in quality.

  • 03.Even kneading with a machine

    Employing our company’s expertise, the compound is evenly kneaded with an kneading machine under respective fixed conditions.

  • 04.Pelletizing

    The resulting kneaded compound is formed into small granules to facilitate easy processing by the client.

  • 05.Cooling

    The pellets are cooled to stabilize their shape, and then subjected to quality inspection and grading processes.

  • 06.Tank storage

    Pellets that meet the quality standards are temporarily stored in a holding tank.

  • 07.Packaging and shipping

    The temporarily stored compound products in pellet form is packaged then shipped according to the client’s request.

Film Formation Technology

The film formation technology used in our thermoplastic resins is top-class on the world stage, and the film surface is extraordinarily homogenous, with extremely stable quality. Also, our wide variety of laminating technologies can be used to laminate films with different properties.
Coatings can be applied to reform film surfaces, and our coatings can be used to produce films ranging from general purpose level products to high precision items. Through our continued exploration of the joint possibilities of film formation, lamination, and coating technologies, we can deliver high value added functional films to suit your needs.

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  • 01.Material input

    Materials are added in order according to the unique formulation requested by the client.

  • 02.Compounding materials

    The input materials are combined in an agitator. Employing our company’s expertise, the input materials are combined and evenly dispersed.

  • 03.Kneading materials

    The compound is kneaded with a kneading machine. Employing our company’s expertise, the compound is evenly kneaded with an automatic kneading machine under respective fixed conditions.

  • 04.Forming film

    The compound is stretched into thin film. Film can be formed with various methods such as slow rolling (calendar rolls) and extrusion.

  • 05.Embossing

    Multiple film layers are combined, and may be customized with a surface finish and various functional enhancements. We offer a range of functional enhancements and designs to meet the client’s needs.

  • 06.Coating

    Functional enhancements may be added through various unique coating formulations designed according to the client’s specifications.

  • 07.Shipping

    The finished film is cut and rolled into the width and length specified by the client.


We are constantly focused on maintaining the proper quality levels.

Starting from raw materials management, we will build a quality inspection system that fits your requirements. Also, we have a strict control system and conduct external examinations, physical testing, and other processes to ensure proper quality is maintained.

  • ラボ押出機 Lab Extruder
  • 引張試験機 Tension testing machines
  • 射出成型機 Injection Molding Machine


Our cutting-edge equipment supports research and development.

Advanced structural analysis technology is crucial for carrying out product development. We use the latest analysis equipment to carry out operations such as material analysis and causal investigations to improve products.

  • HPLC(高速液体クロマトグラフィ) HPLC
    (High Performance Liquid Chromatograph)
  • 顕微ラマン分光装置 Micro-Raman Spectorometer

RIKEN TECHNOS has established Rules for Responding to Improprieties in Research Activities and Related Matters, under which it strives to prevent improprieties and, should they arise, to respond appropriately.
It proactively advances cooperative and joint research efforts with public research institutes through strict adherence to these Rules.
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