Safety and Health Activities

Based on respect for people, RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION considers occupational health and safety to be one of the most important foundations in business operations, and strives to maintain and improve a healthy and safe working environment.
Therefore, we carry out our business operations according to a labor safety management system similar to the occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS*).

∗ Occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS): This is a framework for safety and health management which aims to improve the level of safety and health at workplaces by actively promoting continuous safety and health management to prevent industrial accidents and improve the health of workers, and further progress on to form pleasant workplaces.

Eradication of Causes of Dangers and Hazards through“ Risk Assessments”

Following the introduction of risk assessments in 2003, improvement activities to prevent incidents were established to reduce potential dangers and hazards in the workplace through elimination and separation. Going beyond “zero accidents,” all employees work to achieve “zero risks” by participating in safety awareness and risks and systems improvement activities.

Total Industrial Accidents

  • The number of industrial accidents in recent years was three cases in FY2014, three cases in FY2015, and four cases in FY2016.

  • 労災件数
    Company-wide Trends in Industrial Accidents
    (absences and non-absences)

Review of Activities

In FY2016, with the goal of achieving “zero accidents,” we promoted risk assessments, as well as activities to nurture a culture of adhering to rules. Specifically, our activities included further promoting risk assessments which included chemical substances: thoroughly establishing the “pointing and calling” procedure as a habit and the conduct of stretching exercises before work; conducting a questionnaire-based survey to raise the level of safety awareness; and continuing with safety education using equipment for experiencing dangers.

In FY2017, to achieve “zero accidents,” we will continue with the previous year’s activities. We will also carry out other activities, such as giving out awards for safety suggestions, bringing in new equipment for experiencing dangers, and implementing a near-miss reporting promotion month.

  • Safety education using equipment for experiencing dangers
    Safety education using equipment for experiencing dangers
  • Safety education using equipment for experiencing dangers
    Safety education using equipment for experiencing dangers