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Product Number RIKEGUARD® RIVEX®
Product Film/Foil/Sheet
Plastic Type Others
Field or Business Category Electronics / Display
Parts Anti-virus+Anti-bacteria: Cover film for touch panel and buttons / Glass scattering prevention

Special Features

The world-first high transparent film with Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacteria performance, certified by SIAA*. (*Japanese famous certification authority)
Properties: Pencil Hardness (2H), High Transparency (89%), Low Haze (1%) and High Water Repellency (105°)


  • Properties Value
    Thickness(mm) 0.075, 0.165
  • Properties Value
    Visible light transmission(%) 89
    Ultraviolet light transmission(%) 1 or less
    Solar radiation transmission(%) 81
    Solar radiation reflectance(%) 8
    Solar radiation absorption factor(%) 11
    Shading coefficient 0.96
    Total Solar Energy Rejection(%) 15
    Overall heat transmission coefficient(W/m2K) 6.10
    Maximum Width(mm) 960/1220/1524

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