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Product Number IHV9874N
Product Compound
Plastic Type Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Field or Business Category Electronics / Cable / Machine & Communication
Parts Cabtyre Cable

Special Features

Excellent cold resistance; certified by JET (006AA0595). PVC compound that can be easily used with any kind of molding machine, resulting from our over 50 years of experience with PVC technologies.


  • Properties Value
    Shore Hardness/Shore A(D),15sec or 90 (JIS K 7215 HDA15sec)
    Specific gravity 1.29(JIS K 7112)
    Tensile strength(MPa) 25.0(JIS K 6723)
    Elongation at break(%) 350(JIS K 6723)
    Oxygen index 28(JIS K 7201)

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