AIR 60

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Product Number AIR 60
Product Film/Foil/Sheet
Plastic Type Others
Field or Business Category Transportation / Automotive or Automobile
Parts Window film

Special Features

High quality automotive window film developed by our own tecnologies
Prevents temperature rises and dicoloring of the interior due to sunlight

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  • Properties Value
    Thickness(mm) 0.065/0.05
  • Properties Value
    Visible light transmission(%) 62
    Ultraviolet light transmission(%) 1 or less
    Solar radiation transmission(%) 44
    Solar radiation reflectance(%) 6
    Solar radiation absorption factor(%) 50
    Shading coefficient 0.68
    Total Solar Energy Rejection(%) 39
    Overall heat transmission coefficient(W/m2K) 5.97
    Maximum Width(mm) 1524

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