Let Riken liquid compound help strengthen workplace 5S, maintain pleasing aesthetics, improve the working environment, and save energy at your factory!

・This UV coating material is designed for use on floors.
・Offers high resistance to soiling, including shoeprints made by heels, and greatly facilitates cleaning.
・Since it’s solvent-free, it’s low-odor, safe, and secure.
・The slip-proof type combats floor slickness, making floors safer, even after minor spills of water, powder, or oil.
・Treated floors are ready for use immediately after the UV irradiation process.
・Offers high chemical and scratch resistance.
・Reduces total maintenance costs by reducing regular maintenance frequency and cleaning time.

The coating is suitable for use on floors in factories, warehouses, and shop spaces. It can be applied to tile, wooden, concrete, and epoxy coated floors.

・This Heat-Shield coating is designed for use on exterior building surfaces.
・Helps keep building interiors cool, thereby improving workplace environments.
・Saves energy by reducing power consumed for air conditioning.
・The product’s three superior traits (soil-proofing, weather-proofing, and thermal barrier effects) help maintain the aesthetic appeal of your building for longer.
・Offers superb solar radiation reflectance of 80% (*in-house testing)
・Exhibits both heat shield and heat insulation effects.
・This coating can also be applied on tents.