Automotive Materials

Our Products for Exterior Component

Riken elastomers and decoration films are the ones of our major products for automotive components. We are sure that Riken elastomers realize weight saving, and low cost and that decoration films contribute to design expression, weight saving, and low cost.

window molding bonnet seal decoration sheet lamp packing cowl top end, cowl side distributor rack and pinion boots door mirror packing (wing mirror) door opening seal marking film fender cover constant velocity joint boot side protect molding belt molding glass run channel roof molding
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01. Window molding 06. Distributor 11. Fender cover
02. Bonnet seal 07. Rack and pinion boots 12. Constant velocity joint boot
03. Decoration sheet 08. Door mirror packing (wing mirror) 13. Side protect molding
04. Lamp packing 09. Door opening seal 14. Belt molding
05. Cowl top end, cowl side 10. Marking film
self-adhesive film
15. Glass run channel
16. Roof molding
Our idea of what point is of importance for materials of exterior parts
Application Special Features Our Brand Name
Skin material Scratch resistance, weather resistance, and chemical resistance LEOSTOMER(For core materials with hardness 80℃ and over.)
Lip seal material Elasticity and compression set ACTYMER
Core material Cost and affixing to other components MULTIUSE LEOSTOMER
Injection material Moldability, cost, and paintability LEOSTOMER
Highlight molding Metallic gloss, weight saving, and weather resistance Decorative film for exterior components(metallic film for molding)

Our Products for Interior Component
Door Grip Cover for air bag pad Surface for instrumental panel Shift Knob grip Decorative film for instrumental panel Seat lip Emergency brake grip Seat rail Components for seat belt Asist grip Door trim surface
【Our Brands】
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01. Door Grip 06. Seat lip 11. Door trim surface
02. Cover for air bag pad 07. Emergency brake grip
03. Surface for instrumental panel 08. Seat rail
04. Shift Knob grip 09. Components for seat belt
05. Decorative film for instrumental panel 10. Asist grip
Our idea of what point is of importance for materials of interior parts
Application Special Features Our Brand Name
Shift knob material Touch, scratch resistance, and oil resistance HYPER ALLOY ACTYMER LEOSTOMER B
Assist grip material Oil resistance, scratch resistance, and cost TRINITY
Parking brake material Moldability and scratch resistance ACTYMER
Decorative instrument panel material Embossment, design, high hardness, and moldability Decorative film for interior components(Decorative film with embossing design)