Corporate Profile
Date of Establishment March 30, 1951
Capital Stock JPY 8,514 million
Representative Kazuaki Tokiwa
Representative Director , President & COO
Number of Employees 1,825 consolidated employees and
662 non-consolidated employees separately (As of March 31,2016)
Head Office Waterras Tower, 2-101, Kanda-Awajicho,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-8336 JAPAN
Business Field

RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION was established as gRIKEN VINYL INDUSTORY CO., LTD.h (former company name) in 1951 to produce and sell the Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) compound.

The company name was changed to gRIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATIONh (a melding of the words gRIKEN,h gTECHNOLOGYh and gSUPPLIERh) in 2001, the 50th anniversary of company founding.

RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION operates business in Japan and internationally based on comprehensive plastics processing technology, which has been developed since the beginning with three core business: Compound, Film, and Food Wrapping Film.

RIKEN TECHNOS CORPORATION, as a gchallenger that harnesses the power of scienceh based on the new corporate philosophy introduced as gRIKEN TECHNOS WAY,h produces high quality products and technologies to meet the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our customers and of society.

    • Compound Business
    Compounds are mixtures resin-based with several different additives, which produce nobel properties. Compounds are mainly used in extrusion and injection molding.
    Major Products

    • Film Business
    The high quality film is produced through optimum formulas for novel properties of blended resin. Moreover, by laminating some films and coating functional paint on the surface of films, we improve design and functionality of the films.
    Major Products

    • Food Wrapping Business
    As the first company in Japan to develop food wrapping film used PVC resin, we produce a variety of wraps that range from home use to commercial use-that have both quality and function- and have been developing wraps suited for food and automatic packaging machines.
    Major Products